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Judging by the album artwork posted with Paste Magazine‘s “25 Albums We’re Looking Forward to in 2012” article, it would appear that the author, Tyler Kane, and I are quite possibly looking in the same direction – Not something I share with all Paste contributors. Though the list of future releases does not fully reflect the  25 albums I’m looking forward to be released in the coming months, that is, if there are 25 albums even.

25 Albums We're Looking Forward to in 2012

The Shins - Port of Morrow, Image via Paste Magazine

As usual, the list begins with the most anticipated albums in reverse order. Typically I will look forward to a full length album based on a band’s previous full length studio release. Paste (or at least the author) plays by different rules. Sure I look forward to album based on EPs and Singles, but I don’t list them in such a way that would suggest that they have already won some sort of victory over more well-established groups. The Lumineers may be decent and deserving of their placement as #25, or maybe I’m just prejudice because I’ve never given them a listen.

Previously, I have stated that great bands of the past should not be given placement based solely on their discography and popularity. The Beatles, The Smiths, ELO, Pink Floyd, Sex PistolsGenesis; all of these great bands are considered classics in their own right, but it does not mean that their next album (if there were to be one) would be any better or more anticipated than the last. What about U2? Since How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004) – and possibly even during – I have been less then ecstatic and have surely not anticipated the band’s follow-up albums. Don’t get me started on Bono (Paul David Hewson). A once great band just riding their own coattails.

Okay, The Beach Boys are also releasing a 50th Anniversary album along side a tour. A band that was considered Oldies when I was a child. This kind of follows along the same line as U2. It’s also similar to my feeling toward Paul Simon‘s Surprise (2006). Wanted to hear it, but didn’t necessarily anticipate it. In fact, I probably waited to hear Simon’s new release more so than this Beach Boys release and wasn’t too impressed.

I’ve only heard samplings of Nada Surf‘s Lucky (2008), but liked it. I’d say that I’m anticipating their new album to an extent. If only to hear the changes that have occurred over the years. From High/Low (1996) to today. The last Nada Surf album I purchased was The Weight is a Gift (2005). I also saw the band perform live in Austin, Texas. I think one of the openers was Bellaparker.

The Shins, Oh, Inverted World Album Cover

Image via Wikipedia

The list continues with a few bands that I have not taken the time to listen to and form a real opinion of. Those bands are as follows: Miniature Tigers, Lost in the Trees, Punch Brothers, Tennis, Delta Spirit, Leonard Cohen, Sharon Van Etten, The xx, and Diamond Rugs.

Islands also appear to have an album to be released in 2012. I recall the first album I had heard of the band’s, Return to the Sea (2006). From what I heard, I liked, yet I never purchased the album and never really became a part of the Islands fan base.

Damien Jurado. I’ve never really anticipated anything from Jurado. Listened once or twice, never picked up an album. Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s will also release a new album. This album I do anticipate to some degree. I really enjoyed finding the debut album The Dust of Retreat (2006) during one of my visits to Waterloo Records in Austin, TX. The releases thereafter – Not Animal (2008), Animal! (2008), and Buzzard (2010) – have been quite different than that initial release (and, in my opinion, not as good), yet I still look forward to the band’s release to see what new changes have been made.

Mumford & Sons is also scheduled to release a follow up album. I guess I’m somewhat anticipating this. I’d at least like to see what the band has in store. Bruce Springsteen paired back up with the E Street Band and The Magnetic Fields both are releasing albums. Unfortunately, though I enjoy both bands, I feel that they are falling into a similar category as U2 and The Beach Boys.

I didn’t enjoy Sleigh Bellsfirst album, not that it was bad necessarily, it just didn’t seem to have the quality that many albums in the genre have. Andrew Bird is also set to release a new album. I haven;t listened to Bird much since his 2005 release, Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs. I caught a few tracks of Noble Beast, but that was it. For the most part, I’m not anticipating it. The Long Winters are also expected to release a new album. Yeah, I’m pretty much anticipating that album. I have yet to be discouraged from the band.

Don’t get me started on Sigur Ros. That can wait for a different entry.

While I could also write a complete entry about The Shins and their influence in my life as well as their life changing track “New Slang,” let me just say that

this will probably be my most anticipated album release of the years – though I am hesitant to say that after James Mercer‘s collaboration with Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) as Broken Bells and the self-titled album release. Don’t get me wrong. It was good, but not “Shins-good.”

Maybe I’ll make my own top 25 list. Maybe show Paste Magazine what’s what.

Sorry, if this entry isn’t too interesting or really in-depth. I just felt like writing something and if I put it off too long, this would all be old news. Also, if you’ve been living under a rock since 2001 and  haven’t heard the song below, you should really give it a listen… It will change your life.


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