Appointment 2 – Sedative Filling on 02

I had a 12:00 PM appointment on Monday, 21 November. I ran into the office out of the rain and signed in on the clipboard, which always feels like a breach of doctor-patient confidentiality even though you never know why the person or persons listed above your name are there. I was called to the back where the assistant applied the topical anesthetic, then the dentist came in and inserted the needle which released the local anesthetic. I lied in the chair while the older gentleman in the next chair over under went drilling, which forced him to stop the dentist and request more anesthetic. That worried me.

The dentist returned to my chair and began the procedure. He worked faster than any dentist I had previously had. He was also, possibly, the least considerate and clean about his work. He removed the filling that had been placed in my tooth years ago and continued to drill. He inspected the nerve and applied an antibiotic to the nerve and continued by inserting thin shoots into what felt to be the tooth canals. This was one of the worst things I had felt. It was soon over. The tooth, it was decided, needs to be pulled. Apparently, the wisdom tooth next to it had crushed it too much and allowed the tooth to decay regardless of brushing. A similar scene appears on the opposing side of my mouth as well. Being that this had happened, the teeth are no longer viable and would not be able to support a root canal and crown. At least, the dentist does not feel confident that the teeth would do so.  The dentist closed the newly drilled hole with dental cement and referred me to an oral surgeon.

I won’t be able to see an oral surgeon until I can get more time off work to allow my mouth to heal. I will be having six teeth removed. All four wisdom teeth and the two molars next to my upper wisdom teeth. I’m hoping to find a way to schedule the appointment for January, so as to get my teeth back in shape as quickly as possible. The current hurdles are: Finding time to get off work for the dental work and funding the work.

Also, did I mention November 22nd is my birthday? I had shoots jammed into my tooth’s canals on the day before my birthday! Thank God the dentist prescribed Hydrocodone.

Also, after the procedure. I went to work and worked my full shift.


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