Austin, TX v. Knoxville, TN

Sometimes we’re forced to create pros and cons lists, forced to weigh the positives and negatives, or positives and deltas, the pluses and minuses. Even when we don’t like either option. So, here’s to you Austin. Let’s see how you measure up.

I will adjust the list as time goes on.



  1. Nature/Mountains, Scenery
  2. The smell of the mountain air
  3. Traffic and ETA signs
  4. Volkswagen pride
  5. Military pride
  6. Vehicle collision clean-up (though a recent accident has caused me to reconsider)
  7. Efficiency of Driver’s License production
  8. Efficiency of Vehicle Registration and Licensing
  9. No county (Sevier) vehicle inspection
  10. Whole Foods (some where, but I haven’t gone)
  11. City transportation bus logo (KAT buses)
  12. $2 Dollar Theatre – Carmike 7
  1. Proximity to local stores
  2. 65-70 MPH on highways
  3. Better Volkswagen dealerships
  4. Politically, Moderate-Liberal
  5. Nightlife
  6. House
  7. House with a yard
  8. Waterloo Records
  9. Bookpeople and Halfprice Books
  10. Whole Foods
  11. Slightly better driving habits
  12. Drinking Kentucky Ciders at Halcyon
  13. Coffee at Halcyon
  14. Guero’s, El Chile, Baby Acapulco’s, Iron Cactus, Bennu Coffee, the last 24-hour Starbucks in Austin (which now closes at 11PM), El Mercado,
  15. St. Edward’s University
  1. 20 minute drive to downtown
  2. 55 MPH on a 5-lane highway
  3. City and road planning
  4. Politically, Conservative-Moderate
  5. Road work and clean-up
  6. Downtown/Nightlife
  7. Driving habits
  8. There seem to be more insects, especially small, gnat-like insects
  1. Smog
  2. Traffic/Bottlenecks
  3. Vehicle collision clean-up
  4. Numerous traffic police
  5. No traffic signs or ETA signs like those in Knoxville or even San Antonio, TX
  6. Department of Public Safety (TxDOT, etc.)
  7. Vehicle inspection requirements

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