“…Your little house on Memory Lane”

Thursday, May 20, 2010.

Have not seen Ben or Sean in a good two years, though we live in the same city and, because of grade school, use to see each other everyday. We built quite the friendship in middle and high school. All to be lost in college.

I graduated early and made my way to St. Edward’s University. Ben and Sean had a year left in their grade school career. My goal was to get out as quickly as possible. My last year at high school consisted of only 6 classes, while most had to sit through 8 classes.

We’ve all ended up in different places. Ben is currently working for University of Texas at Austin’s The Daily Texan and Sean is in Arkansas for a journalism internship with  the Democrat-Gazette. Sean should be returning for his fall semester at UT. I’m here, doing the married thing. Full-time job. Finishing up what’s left of my degree.

Met up with Ben at The Hole in the Wall on Guadalupe St. and Dean Keaton St. (26th St.). We sat and discussed the happenings of the last few years. Drank whiskey and coke. Made whiskey and coke my new preferred drink. After this we headed to a bar right behind Ben and Sean’s current apartment, Crown and Anchor, located between 30th St and San Jacinto Blvd near Speedway. I drank Live Oak on draft, as they didn’t have Samuel Adams – even though the had a sign promoting it. The bartender suggested the Live Oak, saying it was very similar. He was right, and it was definitely a good beer.

Continued to discuss the happenings of the past years with Ben. Then by two o’clock, it was time to part ways once again.

Whiskey and Coke at Halcyon on 4th St and Lavaca St

See you guys in another two years, if we’re still around.

Title from Elliott Smith’s “Memory Lane.”


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