Jobless Graduate Sues College For Tuition

A recent business administration graduate is suing her alma mater for the cost of her tuition, $70,000 and more, because she claims the college is not helping her to find a full-time job, reported CNN.

Trina Thompson, 27, graduated from New York’s Monroe College only to find herself jobless. She filed a lawsuit against the college on July 24, alleging that the college’s Office of Career Advancement did not help her find placement with a full-time job. Thompson is also suing the school $2,000 for the stress that she has endured.

Thompson said the Office of Career Advancement is “supposed to say, ‘I got this student, her attendance is good, her GPA is all right – can you interview this person?’ They’re not doing that.” Thompson also suggested that the office favors students with grade point averages of 4.0 over those with lower GPAs.

The college released a statement that said, “While it is clear that no college, especially in this economy, can guarantee employment, Monroe College remains committed to working with all its students, including Ms. Thompson, who graduated only three months ago, to prepare them for careers and to support them during their job search.”

The BBC reported that a Monroe College spokesman Gary Axelbank said the lawsuit was “completely without merit.”

“The college prides itself on the excellent career-development support that we provide to each of our students, and this case does not deserve further consideration.”

Some students agree with Thompson while others do not. A photojournalism student said, “There’s always a risk of graduating and falling flat on your face,” reported the San Francisco Chronicle.


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