Apple Rejects Google Voice App for iPhone

Apple and AT&T continue to reject Google Inc. applications. Google Inc. announced last week that its Latitude application for Apple’s iPhone was originally a more full-scale application, but was forced to make compromises after Apple claimed that the application was “too similar” to the Maps application offered on the iPhone, reported DailyTech.

Google Inc.’s Google Voice has been the most recent application of Google’s to suffer. PC World reported that Apple said the Google Voice application “duplicated features in the popular smart phone.”

This has brought concerns to many about the power that Apple utilizes in approving which applications, reported The Guardian. A Google spokesperson said that the application would attempt to bring Google Voice to all smart phones by “taking advantage of advances in mobile browsers.”

Google Voice allows users to tie a common phone number to all of their devices and provides SMS messaging, voicemail, and speech-to-text conversion of incoming voicemail messages that can be sent to the user in an email for free, reported PC World. The application is currently available to phones using Google’s Android operating system and to BlackBerry handsets.

DailyTech reported that many suspect AT&T for pressuring Apple to reject the application, as AT&T tries to hold on to their exclusivity of the iPhone; however, no official statement pertaining to who made the final decision has been made.

Google’s purchase of GrandCentral in 2007 provided Google with the core technology for Google Voice, reported the Guardian.


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