Cardiac Stem Cell Treatment Shows Positive Signs

A Louisville, Kentucky man who volunteered for a Phase I clinical trial in hopes to repair his damaged heart is showing improvement, reported EmaxHealth.

Michael Jones, 66, a self-employed contractor, had suffered two heart attacks as well as severe congestive heart failure before being treated with cardiac stem cells, reported EmaxHealth.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that Jones said, “I hope to have as normal a life as anyone….I might even start jogging again.”

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that on March 23, Dr. Mark Slaughter, chief of the University of Louisville’s division of cardiothoracic surgery, removed cardiac stem cells from the upper chamber of Jones’ heart. The procedure only took about 10 to 20 minutes, reported EmaxHealth.

The tissue was then frozen and sent to Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston and Harvard University to be isolated, grown and expanded in cultures, reported the Louisville Courier-Journal. The cells were then sent back to Jewish Hospital, where Jones received infusions –- rejection of the cells was not a risk, since they were Jones’ own cells, reported The Louisville Courie

KEYC, a FOX/CBS news affiliate, reported that “over three months, researchers grew a million cardiac stem cells from Jones’ own tissue.” Jones was infused with his own stem cells through a catheterization procedure on July 17, reported the Louisville Courier-Journal.

EmaxHealth reported that Jones is already showing between 20 to 30 percent improvement.

Dr. Roberto Bolli said that heart failure afflicts roughly six million Americans, whose only available options are transplants, heart-assist devices or palliative care, reported the Louisville Courier-Journal.


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