Agent Orange Linked to Two More Illnesses

The Veterans Affairs Department sponsored a study by the Institute of Medicine, which released a report Friday that indicated the possible link between Agent Orange, Parkinson’s and ischemic heart disease, reported USA Today.

The Associated Press reported that a “VA spokeswoman said the department is reviewing the study to determine the full extent of the toxic effects of Agent Orange so exposed Vietnam veterans get the disability benefits they are entitled to.”

The study showed that there was a correlation between higher exposure levels to Agent Orange and the incidence of ischemic heart disease, reported the Associated Press.

The Associated Press also reported that the research that connects Parkinson’s, which was based on a review of 16 studies, “was hindered by the lack of studies specifically investigating Parkinson’s rates among Vietnam veterans.”

The New York Times reported, “Since 1994 the Institute of Medicine committee has found 17 conditions associated with exposure to the chemical, 13 of which qualify veterans for service-connected disability benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

The U.S. military sprayed millions of gallons of defoliants, such as Agent Orange, in attempts to clear the dense jungle that supplied the North Vietnamese forces with concealment, over Vietnam through 1962 to 1970, reported the Associated Press.


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