A Starbucks by Any Other Name

Starbucks, the coffee company that operates over 15,000 coffee shops, opened a new shop under the name of 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea, reported NPR.

Starbucks Coffee Co. is trying to relieve the company’s corporate image by creating a coffee shop with, what Tim Pfeiffer, the senior vice president of global design at Starbucks, calls “a community personality,” reported the New York Times. The only calling card Starbucks has left on the new establishment is small print on a door that reads “inspired by Starbucks,” reported NPR.

The new location will feature a different menu, which will include coffees and teas not available at most Starbucks shops, wine, beer and a cheese platter, reported NPR. Unfortunately, for many Starbucks fanatics, the new stores will not offer Frappuccinos or other blended beverages, reported the Seattle Times.

The Seattle Times reported that the stores would offer “live entertainment including music, poetry and actor line readings.”

Dan Ollis, owner of Victrola Coffee Roasters, said to the Chicago Tribune, “The Goliath is coming at me under a new name.”

Starbucks is expected to open two more stores, all being in Seattle, and will be named after their surrounding neighborhoods, reported the Seattle Times.


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