Barnes & Noble, Plastic Logic, AT&T to Compete with Kindle

After the announcement of Barnes & Noble’s eBookstore and the company’s partnership with Plastic Logic to develop a device to read ebooks; Plastic Logic has announced a deal with AT&T, which will supply the necessary wireless internet connection

to the device, reported reported that Richard Archuleta, chief executive of Plastic Logic said, “We’re extremely proud to be able to offer the Plastic Logic Reader with the nation’s fastest 3G network through AT&T. This alliance is a pillar in our strategy to provide mobile business professionals with a device that delivers a great reading experience, and is fully connected through 3G and Wi-Fi to deliver easy access to digital content.”

The Associated Press reported that Archuleta said the device’s screen will be close to the size of a sheet of paper or 8.5 inches by 11 inches, the targeted demographic is professionals wanting to display documents nearly full size, the reading of novels is considered a secondary function.

“If somebody is just looking to read a book, and that’s all they’re going to do, they probably don’t need all the capabilities in our product,” Archuleta said.


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