U.S., India Relations Growing

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Indian officials Sunday to discuss future collaborations, reported Time Magazine.

The New York Times reported that Clinton said, “We will work not just to maintain our good relationship, but to broaden and deepen it.”

While the U.S. and India were able to make some progress, the meetings did not proceed without argument.

India’s Minister for Environment and Forests, Jairam Ramesh, disagrees with the setting of carbon emissions targets and said to Clinton, during their meeting, that “there is simply no case for the pressure that we [India] — who have among the lowest emissions per capita — face to reduce emissions… And as if this pressure was not enough, we also face the threat of carbon tariffs on our exports to countries such as yours,” reported the Guardian.

The U.S. usually reserves strategic dialogues for major countries, so this meeting served as a symbolic acceptance of India’s ascending role in the world, reported the New York Times.

The New York Times also reported that India confirmed two sites, in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh States, which will be supplied by American companies with materials for developing nuclear power plants. However, the supply contracts themselves will not be signed until India agrees to shield them from liabilities that may rise above $450 million.


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