Microsoft Laughs at Google’s Chrome OS

In only two decades we’ve nearly seen the full extent of Microsoft’s rise and fall. In the 1990s, it seemed as though only elementary school computer labs featured Apple desktop computers. With the turn of the century Microsoft has seen tight competition, but has held their eyes shut even tighter.

Apple computers began to appear more and more in family homes. The introduction of Google’s search engine, the iPod and iPhone all began to enter deep Microsoft waters.

Google Inc. recently announced its development of their operating system, Chrome OS. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer laughed and belittled the hopes of Google Inc.

Reuters reported that Ballmer said that the Google operating system “won’t [be released] for a year and a half and they already announced… [it].”

Google’s new operating system, which is based around the assumption that access to the Internet is the most important feature of a computing device, will be another challenge for Microsoft, who recently released the new Bing search engine in hopes of competing with Google, reported PC World.

Reuters also reported “Windows operating systems are used on more than 90 percent of personal computers.”

PC World reported that Ballmer took a stab at Google’s Android for smartphones and their new Chrome OS for desktop computers, saying that a company only needs one operating system rather than two. The Chrome OS will eventually be released for desktop computers to compete with Microsoft’s new Windows 7.

CNet reported that Ballmer said, “We don’t need a new operating system. What we do need to do is to continue to evolve Windows, Windows Applications, IE [Internet Explorer], the way IE works in totality with Windows, and how we build applications like Office… and we need to make sure we can bring our customers and partners with us.”

Ballmer told CNet that research has shown that at least 50 percent of the time people are using applications not associated with an internet browser.


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