UK Claims to be Winning Fight in Afghanistan

Though anti-war protesters are calling for the war in Afghanistan to end, British officials continue to claim that they are winning, reported the Associated Press.

Britain has lost 184 soldiers to the war in Afghanistan. In Iraq the British death toll has reached 179, reported the BBC.

The Associated Press reported that Foreign Secretary David Miliband defended Britain’s chosen course of action and said that preventing Afghanistan from becoming an “incubator for terrorism” that directs attacks toward the West was vital.

Miliband said, “We know that until we can ensure there is a modicum of stability and security provided by Afghan forces for their own people, we are not going to be able to be secure in our own country.”

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown said in a letter, reported by the Times Online, to senior military police that “current operations against the Taliban were succeeding.” The Times Online also reported that Brown, writing to the Commons Liaison Committee, said, “Despite the tragic losses, morale remains high – and I can report the assessment of commanders on the ground: that the current operations are succeeding in their objectives.

“They are having a marked impact on the Taliban in central Helmand, will improve security for the population in the run up to the elections, and will allow longer term work on governance and development to begin.”

The BBC reported that the Stop the War coalition had declared that an emergency protest in London will take place Monday, in which the group would call for the withdrawal and return of British troops from Afghanistan.

A group spokesman said, “This unwinnable war must stop now.”


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