Shuttle Endeavour to Launch Sunday

NASA will attempt to launch space shuttle Endeavour on Sunday, reported Reuters.

Lightning strikes occurred Friday night, which could have damaged the shuttle. The shuttle launch had been postponed to allow time for the shuttle to be inspected.

Reuters reported that NASA spokesman George Diller said, “Any time we have lightning within one mile of the pad we have to go look at the effects if there were any.”

A hydrogen leak was to blame for the inability to launch the shuttle during the first two attempts in June, reported the Houston Chronicle.

News Press reported that Endeavour’s crew is expected to deliver the third and final section of Japan’s Kibo research facility, which contains a porch. The porch will be used to perform experiments while exposing them to the environment of space, reported Reuters.

One of the shuttle’s crewmembers, Timothy Kopra, will stay at the Kibo facility, relieving the current fight engineer, Koichi Wakata.


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