Obama Speaks at Moscow’s New Economic School

During U.S. President Barack Obama’s first visit to Russia, he gave a speech to graduates of Moscow’s New Economic School, in which he called for better relations between the nations, reported the Associated Press.
And here is the rest of it.

Obama gave a critique of Russian foreign policy and said that national interdependence ensures that “any world order that tries to elevate one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail.

“That is why I have called for a ‘reset’ in relations between the United States and Russia. In the short period since the end of the cold war we have already seen India, Pakistan and North Korea conduct nuclear tests. Without a fundamental change, do any of us truly believe that the next two decades will not bring about the further spread of nuclear weapons?”

He added, “That is why America is committed to stopping nuclear proliferation, and ultimately seeking a world without nuclear weapons.… And while I know this goal won’t be met soon, pursuing it provides the legal and moral foundation to prevent the proliferation and eventual use of nuclear weapons.” The Guardian

President Obama was clear about U.S. intentions of a missile defense site in Easter Europe to defend against a surprise attack from Iran, though he was willing to make a deal with Russia if the country chose to help the U.S. in ensuring that Iran’s nuclear weapons developments were stopped. Russia is obviously threatened by the possible location of the missile defense location, Poland and Czech Republic, as it could be used against them, reported Times Online.

Obama also said in his speech, reported by the Associated Press, at the New Economic School “In 2009, a great power does not show strength by dominating or demonizing other countries. The days when empires could treat sovereign states as pieces on a chessboard are over.”


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