Positive, Negative Reinforcement for TX Repubs.

Texans attending statewide ‘tea parties’ booed and praised state representatives for their actions, reported POLITICO.

The Austin-American Statesman reported that Senator John Cornyn received boos at the beginning and ending of his speech. Many of the attendees shouted concerns about Cornyn’s voting record last year. Cornyn voted for the federal bailout of Wall Street and for the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

The Statesman also reported that a crowd member yelled, “You’re the problem!” Another shouted, “You voted for TARP!”

In attempts to disconnect himself from Washington D.C. Cornyn said, “I’m not part of Washington, I happen to work there, but on behalf of Texas, and I can vote ‘no’ on these reckless spending bills, on the refusal to cut taxes,” reported the Associated Press.

When Cornyn presented the Purple Heart to a Copperas Cove resident, William Warren, who was injured in Iraq in 2006, the boos dissolved, reported the Statesman.

Governor Rick Perry was booed for his support of toll roads, reported the Statesman.

“Washington needs to hear you loud and clear with one simple message…. Cut the spending! Cut the taxes! Shrink the government! Read the Constitution of the United States!” said Perry.


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