North Korea Tests Four Missiles

North Korea launched four short-range missiles Thursday, which landed harmlessly in the sea between it and Japan, reported the New York Times.

The missiles extended about 60 miles, reported the New York Times, before crashing into the sea.

Short-range missiles are habitually experimented with by North Korea, however, the recent tensions that have been building between North Korea and other nations, about the possibility of North Korea launching a long-range missile in defiance of a United Nations ban, only intensifies the anxiety, reported the New York Times.

The New York Times reported that North Korea had assigned a no-sail zone in the waters off of the country’s east coast. The no-sail zone is to stay in effect until July 10. Reports suspect North Korea will launch a “barrage of missiles on July 4 to highlight its provocative stance.”

Reuters reported that Bryan Whitman, a U.S. Pentagon spokesman, said that the short-range missile testing was expected.

“North Korea continues to develop and pursue missile technologies and the United States continues to remain concerned about not only their missile activities but their proliferation activities and their nuclear program.”

A North Korean specialist from the Australian National University, Leonid Petrov, told Al Jazeera that a North Korea is expected to fire a medium-range in early July.

“These were short-range missiles, which are a defensive measure, and may have been done … to impress Kim Jong-Il who was visiting.”


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