Obama Continues Push for Healthcare Reform

President Obama continued to push for healthcare reform Wednesday during a town hall-style meeting, where he addressed the advantages and criticisms of his plan, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Bloomberg reported that Pres. Obama said that healthcare reform could not be stalled and that it must be passed this year, when he was speaking at Northern Virginia Community College, where the meeting was held.

Pres. Obama hopes to sign a healthcare reform bill into action in the fall, however, Republican opposition and concerns about the cost of the plan, between $1 trillion to $1.6 trillion in the next decade, from Democrats may slow the passage of the program, reported the Los Angeles Times.

This is the first attempt a president has made toward healthcare reform since Pres. Clinton’s efforts in 1993 and 1994, reported CNN.

Polling Director Keating Holland found parallels between Americans’ views of Pres. Clinton and Pres. Obama’s government-paid insurance programs, based on results of a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll.

Holland found that “in September of 1993, when Bill Clinton was just starting to roll out his ill-fated health care plan, 54 percent said they supported Clinton’s ideas on that issue. Today, 51 percent feel the same way about Obama’s proposals.”

Pres. Obama’s plan is focused on reducing the price of healthcare without endangering the health of recipients and scaling down some of the tax deductions the wealthier of citizens have acquired, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Bloomberg reported that Pres. Obama does not desire to replace the current healthcare system, acknowledging that the industry is “one-sixth of [the U.S.] economy and we’re not…going to upend the system. We should be able to find a way to create a uniquely American solution to this problem.”

Though the program will cost $1 trillion, or more, Pres. Obama said “about two-thirds of the reform we’re proposing is just reallocating money,” reported Bloomberg.

We must remember that Sir Winston Churchill said, “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”


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