North Korea: “Fire Shower of Nuclear Retaliation”

North Korea continues to fear an invasion of U.S. troops — validating the country’s development of nuclear weapons — and threatens a “fire shower of nuclear retaliation” if the US continues its hostile actions, reports the Associated Press.

Denuclearization talks between North and South Korea, China, Russia, Japan and the United States halted in December, reported the Korea Times, when North Korea refused to allow inspectors examine their nuclear facilities. South Korea has given North Korea the option of a five-way negotiation, instead of the original six-party negotiation.

An official within the United States intelligence community said to CNN that the U.S. does not suspect North Korea to initiate a long-range missile in the near future, regardless of reports of a possible missile launched in the direction of Hawaii.

Younsei University professor and international relations expert Park Myung-lim said to the Korea Times, “Seoul agreed to strengthen the alliance with the United States and receive nuclear protection from its ally during the recent summit. Thus, the five-way meeting could be somewhat ironic to China, which supports denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.”


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