Progressive (Homesite) Home Insurance

I was looking through some of my home insurance papers today trying to decide whether or not to switch to a new company. I have been feeling as though I’ve been paying too much for home insurance and possibly even automobile insurance.

As I began my search, I tried to get as many quotes online – as doing all of this online is the easiest and, usually, the fastest way to get these things done. I came across my current coverage company, Progressive (Homesite) Insurance, and decided to get another quote from them to see if their rates had changed at all.

I found that the new quote was almost half of what I was currently paying! I called them and all they could say was that there must have been something related to my credit that had increased my annual premium. This is completely false. Nothing is wrong with my credit.

I then noticed that they had some of the information on my papers incorrect. They had my type of home incorrect and a few other things (like the dwelling costs and what not). Things, initially, I thought were fine, but once I looked over them again noticed that the company was horribly mistaken. I asked them to change these things, but they refused to do so without extra fees and documentation.

I called Progressive back and had them cancel my current policy. Then, I went online and received a new quote with the correct information. So, I’ll have money coming back for what I have over-paid, and a new policy that’s cheaper.

Thanks for very little help Progressive. But, also, thanks for having decent home insurance coverage.

Image citation: School of Computing and Informatics. “” Progressive Insurance. SCI Job Fair: Student Information 5 May 2009 School of Computing and Informatics .


One thought on “Progressive (Homesite) Home Insurance

  1. Before you praise Progressive’s homeowner’s insurance coverage you should see how they handle any claims you make.

    A little research will show that Progressive Homesite has a horrible record of handling claims, and I can personally attest to the company’s non-responsiveness as I have been waiting for over two months now for an update on my claim despite numerous calls and emails.

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