Rekindling an Old Spark

I began writing in the seventh grade. Primarily, my focus was journaling my thoughts, though I would also include daily events and news stories. I went online with my journal via LiveJournal. The height of my journaling, in number of posts, was during my high school years. Unfortunately, as my readers increased, the substance of my writing decreased. I began filling out questionnaires and surveys and would only make short comments about my day. I abandoned the journal in college after realizing the degradation of my writing and my dwindling passion for being a writer. I continued to write in notebooks during lectures when something I felt was worthwhile would come to mind.

As I look back, I have a loss for words. Why did this or that entry seem so important? What was going through my mind? Was I really that immature? Am I any more mature now?

This journal will in some ways be a continuation of my past journal, however, some things will be different. The entries fewer, the readers fewer and not as frequent. I will post more journalistic entries as well, as I have been able to rekindle that love of writing.


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