Missing The White Stripes

With the release of Get Behind Me Satan. I began to realize that I had missed something. I enjoyed the album, mainly the tracks: “Take, Take, Take,” “Denial twist,” “My Doorbell,” “Passive Manipulation,” “I’m Lonely,” and “Forever For Her”. And, like everyone, I jammed to “Blue Orchid.”

But, I still felt that I was missing something. I couldn’t calmly sit down and listen to the album straight through. For a few months I was unable to just sit down and listen to the album straight through. I always moved on to some other important task or changed the music. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to them completely. And, I felt bad. I liked them, but didn’t feel like I was giving them the credit they were do.

I finally sat through the album and enjoyed it, but I still felt something was missing. What is the hype about? Yes, they’re gohttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifod, but what else? I went out a couple weeks later, my friend Ben had the two albums De Stijl and Elephant. Still not listening to the albums fully, I decided to pick up the White Blood Cells album. I listened to it for days. I then continued listen to the other albums.

I could see the hype. The band had matured. You could hear as they developed their own sound. From their scratchy beginning to their crisp new sound. I go back and forth from liking the new album to liking the older albums. I finally found what I had missed.

I had missed their formation. I had missed out on listening to them when they put out their first release. I missed their growth. For that, The White Stripes, I am sorry. Many of their songs are great.

Each album holds great lyrics and tracks. If you were like me and think you missed something, maybe you missed the growth of the band as well. Give them another try. If anything, they’re bound to grow on you.

Artist: The White Stripes
Album: Get Behind Me Satan
Released: June 7, 2005
Label: V2 Records
Rating: 7.5 / 10


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