The Dears

The Dears have done it! I have really just begun listening to The Dears, but I hope to hear more from them. I recently purchased No Cities Left. It is amazing! It is my theme album, at the moment. Every track is so wonderful. I can’t even stop listening to them. The lyrics are beautiful, emotional, insightful, everything that I could possibly ask for – Everything, wrapped into one great album. This album was calling out to me. I had to pick it up. I haven’t dropped it yet! I hope everyone begins listening to this band. I hope to buy The Dears’ other albums once funds are sufficient. I’m not sure who to compare The Dears to. I don’t know much about the band aside from this amazing album and their origin – Montreal, Quebec

Artist: The Dears
Album: No Cities Left
Released: October 19, 2004
Label: Spin Art
Rating: 7/ 10


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