Dogs Die In Hot Cars

About a month ago I purchased the Please Describe Yourself album. It makes for a great listen when you’re feeling upbeat, but want to stick to your indie roots. It is a hard thing to try to describe their sound, at least it is for someone like me, who hangs out with those who are always talking about the mainstream music.

When I first heard the album, I could only think of one band when trying to describe the opening track, “I Love You ‘Cause I Have To,” to a person of the mainstream persuasion. It seemed to me to have a hint of The Darkness. After, of course, listening to the album again and again. I am back where I started.

Many reviews bring up the point that Dogs Die in Hot Cars sound much like the music of the eighties (80s) and nineties (90s). Sadly, I was too young to really soak up that era of music. Sure I still hear music from the past decades, but I didn’t grow with it. I’m sure the reviewers are correct, though. And, I’m glad that Dogs Die in Hot Cars have brought this back.

I’ll admit it now, I did like The Darkness when I first heard them. But, once MTv began replaying the same song daily, the group became rather annoying.

I have yet to sit down and analyze the lyrics to the songs in Dogs Die in Hot Cars‘ album, but I do recommend just listening to their album for its sound and beat. It’s like reading Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. Read it for the story, for the ride; then you can start trying to analyze. But, just enjoy it.

Surely, there is some underlying message or meaning to the songs; it’s just that I have not given them their well deserved listen to, yet.

Having been listening to Dogs Die in Hot Cars for a while now, I can honestly say, that I, quite frankly, am not sure who their influences are or how to describe them to others. Possibly, The Talking Heads? The band can’t be that original, can they? I mean, everyone has influences.

In this age of mainstream music dominance, I feel that Dogs Die in Hot Cars may have a chance against their competitors. But, the question becomes: Do I want MTv to ruin this band for me?


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